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Sabino Art Glass Opalescent Crystal.


*Dancing Bacchantes holding hands.

This could only be Sabino. Marius Ernest loved Art Deco imagery and created it to perfection. While others re-invented female forms in the neo-classical style, Sabino used living Parisian models, and invested them with the workers-as-hero stature which marks Art Deco.

La Ronde is regarded as a pinnacle of the Deco style-The Louvre /Art Decoratif Museum has one of these vases on display.

Many of the vases on these pages are also an example on how art and industry worked hand-in-glove during the Art Deco period. The plunge press was not invented until 1921. Until then, most ornemental vases had narrow tops and swelling bodies, a physical necessity of the blown-glass style. The invention of the plunge press-where a metal plunger could be used to force the molten glass into the sides of the mould-created a whole new style of product...from glasses and gobelets to vases and bowls.

Any vase which is wider at the top than at the bottom has to date from the early 1920s onwards. The plunge press method also granted greater uniformity in the way a finished piece would react to the light, since the internal mesurments could be kept to a uniform thickness, rather than becoming 'globby'around the external decorations, as they tented to do with the blown-glass method.

10" x 7" - 26cm. x 18cm.

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